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“Mauro is a unique world wide artist with the ability to completely captivate his audiences.
This artist really has talent! Aside from his talent he has an awesome work ethic which reflects in the music he released.
His music is danceable, radio friendly, filled with relevant messages, and overpoweringly entertaining to listen to.
His audience never knows what to expect, but whatever it is that he brings to the stage is magical."
The Huffington Post (New York City, USA)

"International musician Mauro: Not only is he an accomplished singer,
Mauro is also a music producer, songwriter and artist, among many other talents. He has been performing, writing and producing music for over fifteen years. Mauro is considered a music prodigy,
and has received accolades from All Access, and dozens of others, including international radio airplay.
AXS chatted with Mauro about his international appeal."

AXS (Los Angeles, USA)

"Mauro is a unique international multi-talent. Among his many achievements, Mauro has charted alongside
the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction, whilst being played on radio stations everywhere
from North America to Europe. After composing his very first album at the tender age of 10,
over the years he has been able to share his songs with fans all over the world.
In addition he has gained praise from well-known outlets including The Huffington Post and AXS.
‘Dubstep Heart’ went to the top of the Beat100 Pop Chart, with NY Music Hits (NYC)
naming it as one of the Best Pop Hits of 2017.”

CelebMix (UK)

"Rising pop star Mauro who has gained over millions of listeners around the globe"
Veracious Magazine (USA)

"At just 10 years old Mauro composed his first album which led him to headlining concerts and touring the world.
Mauro's impressive list of accomplishments continues to grow as he continues to be recognized as one of the young rising stars in international music.
His latest song “Dubstep Heart” hit #1 on the Pop Chart of Beat100 with 80,000+ plays as well as being named one of NY Music Hits (NYC) Best Pop Hits of 2017.”
Unclear Magazine (USA)

"We're proud to premiere a new cut from international star Mauro. International artist, tenor singer, talented songwriter, a gifted music producer, and stellar left-handed musician, MAURO is currently celebrating fourteen incredible years in the music business. He began his career when he was only ten years old, performing live, writing and recording in studios when he was a kid, and at the same age he released his first album. Ever since then his music has traveled the world getting radio airplay around the globe including the US, UK, Switzerland, France, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and now in Australia. An autodidact musician with a wealth of experience in songwriting and compositions, MAURO has released more than five albums including over his years, and carrying on through ‘Living With Music’, ‘The Human Pain’, ‘Nobody’s Home’, and so on with music styles that include pop, rock, experimental, indie, soul, dance and thunderous electro. MAURO is a chart topper who has reached #1 spots on radio stations, talent platforms with his original and versatile music. His The latest releases come in a string of anthem, including ‘Dance With Me’, ‘Beauty Of Your Soul’ and ‘Making Love 2 U’, and now we’re proud to premiere the unbreakable, unshakable, and ultimately indelible new anthem ‘Dubstep Heart’. A true stomping cut, written, recorded and produced entirely by MAURO. Vibrant and energetic in every possible sense.
Anthem Review (Australia)

"14-Year Music Veteran Mauro! Meet the rising singer-songwriter, Mauro.
This young tenor is a talented and versatile songwriter, music producer, musician, chart topper.
At just 10 years old, Mauro started performing live and writing original compositions."
All Access (Los Angeles, USA)

"With more than twelve years of experience to his credit Mauro continues his journey.
A pioneer who knew how to transcend borders and was able to be spotted in Switzerland, the United States and even Mexico.
After two successful albums he is back to reveal his new single."
Actua News (France)

"A rising star in pop music called Mauro"
Fair Play Country Music Magazine (Germany)

"Established as an international artist by the hand of the smash hits he has created like 'Dance With Me'.
Mauro has been a rhythm that has touched hearts around the globe.
His music is versatile, heartfelt and original."
IMC Magazine (USA)

"What sets Mauro apart from other artists is his impressive word painting within his music.
His voice and tracks are riveting. Mauro's music is a colorful combination of rock, pop, and electronic."
Indie Entertainment Magazine (Los Angeles, USA)

"We are mad about Mauro's music and believe he is at the top of his game.
This young man will be on every radio in the world."
ICRadio (New Zealand)

"One of the young rising stars in the international music scene"
The Hollywood Times (Hollywood)

"International artist Mauro who is celebrating 14 years of career just dropped his new release 'Dubstep Heart'.
Mauro's 'Making Love 2 U' is a reflection of romantic pop rhythms
in their quest to emphasize the support between human relations against the adversities of life."
Skope Magazine (Boston, USA)

Hollywood (USA) Live Interview:

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