International Multi-talented Artist
16-year veteran of the music industry

Veracious Magazine: “Rising pop star Mauro who has gained over millions of listeners around the globe”. The Huffington Post in NYC: “Mauro is a unique worldwide artist with the ability to completely captivate his audiences. This artist really has talent! Aside from his talent he has an awesome work ethic which reflects in the music he released. His music is danceable, radio friendly, filled with relevant messages, and overpoweringly entertaining to listen to." CelebMix: “Mauro is a unique international multi-talent. Among his many achievements, Mauro has charted alongside the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction, whilst being played on radio stations everywhere from North America to Europe”. AXS: "International musician Mauro: Not only is he an accomplished singer, Mauro is also a music producer, songwriter, poet and artist, among many other talents. Mauro is considered a music prodigy, and has received accolades from All Access, and dozens of others, including international radio airplay." Unclear Magazine: “Mauro continues to be recognized as one of the young stars in international music”. Indie Entertainment Magazine: "What sets Mauro apart from other artists is his impressive word painting within his music. His voice and tracks are riveting.”

His music has traveled the world! Mauro is a young international award-winning 16-year veteran of the music industry, multi-talented artist: tenor singer, songwriter, musician, music producer, performer, actor, poet, executive/creative producer, author, painter and ASCAP member.

His artistic career began at the age of four through painting and drawing which led him to showcasing his works at galleries and winning art campaigns.Acting, writing and singing came at age five, he did theater including musicals alongside producing and creating his own plays and characters; while also self-publishing many original tales and poems that earned him first place in two writing contests. Photos are proof that he had already discovered the drums at age 3, and the following childhood years covered the guitar, an accordion and upright piano. By the hand of his innate musical talent, at 9 years old Mauro went on to perform in culturally renowned centers and theaters, winning various singing contests including the “International English Song Festival”.

At just 10 years Mauro old composed his first album, made his TV/radio debut and started getting hired to perform on main stages of renowned festivals. The first record paved the way to the countless original albums the prolific artist has composed and produced during his childhood and teenage years while touring with his music, including his second full length studio album Living With Music at 12 years old featuring the radio-successful hit singles “Are You For Me, Or Not?”, “Raining On Me”, “Breakaway”, “You’ll Be Mine Forever”, “My Way”. Its release concert was a complete success and Mauro was honored by the city hall for his contribution to the arts at such a young age. At 13 Mauro had already composed the discography of his following decade in music with albums such asThe Human Pain and Nobody's Home respectively, receiving accolades from radio stations around the world and thousands of YouTube views from Mauro’s self-directed/produced music videos. The illustrious singer has also been invited as guest and performer of honor at openings of cultural centers.

After composing his fifth album, in New York City Mauro gets his MTV artist page and produces/premieres his international #1 hit "Dance With Me" that conquered global radio stations, music charts and talent platforms. The smash hit charted alongside Taylor Swift, One Direction, Rihanna, The Rolling Stones, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, David Guetta at the top of the Top 20 and Top 10 of hit music stations in Mexico and South America, reaching as Hit Song Of The Week the Top 10 US Hear It First chart and the USA Digital Radio Tracker Pop Top 20 Chart and also scoring #1 on talent platforms like Zonofy’s All Time Chart in Los Angeles. “Dance With Me” topped the Irish Jinger Show Top 40 (Belgium) via W4CY Radio - iHeart Radio (Hollywood, Brussells, Calgary), and was crowned The Best 2016 Summer Hit due to high fan demand, chosen by Switzerland's Top 40 Radio 1.Fm for its radio rotation with listeners in Europe, Latin America and Asia, selected as the Hitbound debut on New York's HitBound Radio in 2016 and included in its 2017’s New Hits First list, on Italy’s Radio Music of The World at the “Beautiful Song” Chart, plus Bronze Video A&R award on the Beat100 Music Video Chart. With people all over the world requesting “Dance With Me”, this success carries on until today.

Mauro has reached the USA Digital Radio Tracker Pop Top 20 Chart, the Top 20 on the UK Pop Tracks including the Top 20 Atlantic Radio UK Chart where fans voted for months and the Top 20 and Top 10 on USA, Central and South America’s radio stations. Mauro has received worldwide radio airplay (Top 40 Radio, iHeart Radio and FM) in the United States, UK, Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Mauro has garnered global press and praise from countless newspapers, printed magazines, radio stations organizations and more including The Huffington Post (NYC), AXS (LA), All Access (LA), CelebMix, Nashville Music Industry Magazine of The Year award-winning Fair Play Country Music Magazine (Europe), Actua News (France), Anthem Review (Australia), The Hollywood Times, RKOR (Russia), ArtAid International Art Society (Germany), Talents of World (India), The Playlist: airing nationwide in USA through television: Houston on Comcast channel 17, AT&T channel 99 & TV Max channel 95, radio and more; Valley FM 89.5 (Australia), Riverhead Radio 107.1 FM (New York), Fame Music Radio (South Africa), International Connection Radio (New Zealand), IMC Magazine (US- Australia), Celebrity Haute Spot, Teen Music Insider (US) & RapBeat (Germany) with 1000+ views each, Anthem Review (Australia), Unclear Magazine (US), Skope Magazine (Boston), The Edge On Air (Chicago), Eva 95.5 FM (New York), Hemet Radio (Hollywood), Right Kind of Revolution (Russia), IMC Magazine (USA - Australia), The Worldwide Music Directory, Switzerland's Top 40 Radio 1.Fm with listeners in Europe, Latin America and Asia, and is currently ranked as the 5th largest online global radio, Indie Entertainment Magazine (Los Angeles), Zap! Bang! Magazine (UK), Vents Magazine, LA Talk Radio (Hollywood), Indie Giants (UK), W4CY Radio (Hollywood, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Brussells, Calgary), Radio Train Station (New York & Los Angeles), HitBound Radio (New York), Rock Bandom Magazine (UK), Music Hits (NYC), Box Radio UK (Central England), The Independent Music Show (Ireland) syndicated broadcasting worldwide airing on 850 + FM & Internet/Satellite radio stations plus on demand with the College Underground Radio, Radio Wellenflug (Germany), Skope Magazine (Boston), EGH Radio (UK), The Edge On Air (Chicago), Manila The World Hottest Deejays (Las Vegas), Up Front NY, UK Hit Mix (UK), Radio Atlanta Milano (Italy), Numusic Spin (Los Angeles), Q108 (Canada), Beat Groove FM (Brazil), Fasching Radio (Canada)…and the list goes on.

Following up the success of "Dance With Me", Mauro released a limited edition acoustic album to later put out “Beauty Of Your Soul” which charted on Beat100 and Zonofy in Los Angeles in addition to receiving international radio airplay. Shortly after Mauro recorded a multi-genre album featuring the unifying anthem “Chain Our Hearts” was chosen to represent live from Germany the “Musicians For Peace” event broadcasted across the globe for world peace. Following “Man” the international collaboration with European rapper Dissbunted featuring Mauro.

Subsequently, Mauro composed and produced another international success "Making Love 2 U" which premiered in France via Actua News and not only got international radio airplay and 13000+ streams its first day, it rocketed to #1 on the Zonofy All Time Chart in Los Angeles, #4 on the Pop Chart of Beat100, while charting alongside One Direction and Little Mix on the Atlantic Radio UK Top Ten Request Chart for consecutive months and crowning Mauro as Top of The Hour Featured Artist on It’s London Calling Magazine (London) where fans requested the song non-stop.

After its radio debut during his live interview in Hollywood and premiere in Australia via Anthem Review, his latest record “Dubstep Heart” in its first release week hit #1 on the Pop Chart, #4 on the World Chart, #3 on the Originals Chart, #6 on the Dance Chart of Beat100 while NY Music Hits (NYC) named it as one of the Best Pop Hits of 2017, plus select radio stations in the United States, Germany and Australia are playing “Dubstep Heart” in this very moment. More than 80,000 plays adorn the critically acclaimed latest releases.

In addition, Mauro is also a director, actor, author, poet, creative/executive producer, artist and many other talents, who throughout his artistic trajectory has created among a vast variety of fields. From artworks and comics to showing his singing and acting skills in various musicals of legendary theaters. From self-publishing tons of original tales and, poems in addition to a couple of books written under his belt to directing/producing his own music videos, short films, one feature film and animations, alongside creations in photography and video games. Mauro has been the creator and director of his entire artistry, as well as his music career, comprising his compositions to its visuals including music videos, photography, scenography, lighting and staging for all of his performances and productions.

With an arsenal of albums composed and produced, charting hits and accolades from music industry professionals and radio stations around the world, Mauro is simply a force to be reckoned with. From child prodigy to stellar international artist, Mauro has forged a long and solid career with many more wonderful years to come.

MAURO - "A beat within your heart".

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